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Great Plains Livestock Consulting, Inc. is an employee owned business that is equally dedicated to the small and large operator. Our services include but are not limited to:

Mill Management (Product Formulation, Tags, Producer Support, Ingredient Selection, Sales Training, etc.)
Consultation (Diet/Ration Formulation, Feed Load Sheets, Profit Projections, Performance Closeout Evaluations, Feed Ingredient Selection)
Claim Investigation (Insurance Institutions)
Risk Assessment (Financial and Lending Institution)
Technical Support
Feed Presentation
Employee Training
Genetic Selection
Health Programs, Vaccination and Anitbioitic Recommendations
Implant Protocols

The Great Plains Livestock Consulting Team strives to establish working relationships with each client resulting in an understanding of each individual's needs.

The Great Plains Livestock Consulting Team has experience in the following areas:

Beef   Swine
Sheep   Poultry
Dairy   Exotics
Equine   Pet Food

In addition to nutritional consultation and formulation, the Great Plains Livestock Consulting Team has experience with: mill management, insurance and financial institute consultations, estimating performance, non-feed components of feeding program, energy recovery, feed additives, and ingredient processing.

Each member of the Great Plains Team adds depth and diversity to the expertise required for success. A recommendation is only offered after being subjected to a thorough review.

The importance of correctly formulated diets cannot be overemphasized. Feed is the most important economic factor affecting your profits. However, nutrition is not the only influence; with the margins producers work with today, all production variables must work together to optimize the quality and quantity of marketable products.

The Great Plains Team customizes programs and services for each client; therefore, the fees are also customized. Fees can be:

Within the feed costs (Typical method for feed manufacturers and producers)
Monthly retainers (Larger producers)
Per day plus expenses (Insurance and Financial Institutions)
Per head charges
Other customized fees

Great Plains Livestock Consulting, Inc.'s business is customizing services geared to maximize your profits.

500 S. 4th St.
P.O. Box 377  |  Eagle, NE 68347
Office (402) 781-9378
Fax (402) 781-9379