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Ki C. Fanning, Ph. D., PAS
Ruminant Nutritionist

Dr. Fanning received his Masters of Science from the University of Nebraska for his research with bunk management, feed additives, and co-products in beef cattle. He continued his research career and received his Ph.D. from the University of Nebraska for researching starch and fiber metabolism in dairy cows. This experience combined with practical knowledge developed while growing up on a ranch/feedlot in southwest Nebraska, led Dr. Fanning to found Great Plains Livestock Consulting, Inc. Dr. Fanning is a certified Professional Animal Scientist who enjoys working with both small and large producers. Dr. Fanning has a strong desire to implement new technology using practical knowledge to increase profits for his clients.


Jeremy L. Martin, Ph. D.
Ruminant Nutritionist

Growing up on a diversified livestock operation in west central Nebraska, Dr. Martin developed the desire to help producers make more profit while spending time at his father's veterinary practice. This led Dr. Martin to a Masters and Ph.D. in ruminant nutrition and reproductive management at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. With a real-world education to match, Dr. Martin has a unique blend of nutrition and reproductive management experience and a passion for the beef industry in particular.



Dan M. Larson, Ph. D.
Ruminant Nutritionist

Dr. Larson was raised on a diverse hay and beef cattle operation in northwestern Minnesota. The family farm focused on purebred cattle, in addition to back-grounding calves. This upbringing instilled a passion for the beef industry, which led to a Master's degree from North Dakota State University in ruminant nutrition focusing on feedlot nutrition while managing the university feedlot for four years. At the University of Nebraska, Dr. Larson received a Ph.D. in applied reproductive physiology with an emphasis on nutritional programs to improve reproduction in cow/calf production. With experience in cow/calf and feedlot operations, both large and small, Dr. Larson has a unique perspective of the beef industry that can easily be applied to animal production.


Karl Harborth, Ph.D.
Ruminant Nutritionist

Dr. Harborth was raised on a cow-calf and hay operation in South Central Texas. He earned his Bachelors of Science and Masters of Science degrees from Texas A&M University in Animal Science. He earned his Ph.D. at Kansas State University in Ruminant Nutrition. While at K-State, his research focused on by-product supplementation, supplementation strategies, and increasing the value of cull cows. Dr. Harborth worked for over eight years as a beef extension specialist for Kansas State University and Louisiana State University. His passion for the livestock industry started at a young age working at his father’s veterinary practice. He has worked with producers in all facets of the cattle industry throughout Kansas, the midsouth and Texas.


Luke Miller, M.S.
Ruminant Nutritionist

Luke was raised on a commercial cow/calf operation in Northwest Missouri. Luke attended the University of Missouri-Columbia where he received both a Bachelors in Animal Science and a Masters in Ruminant Nutrition. Luke's graduate research involved pasture management, residual feed intake in replacement heifers, and balancing feedlot rations for optimal levels of rumen degradable protein. Luke also helped manage the University's Registered Hereford herd. After graduation, Luke worked for five years as a nutritional consultant with an independent regional feed mill where he had the opportunity to work one on one with beef producers of all sizes. Luke now manages a cow/calf operation of his own and enjoys working with farmers and ranchers to help them become more efficient and maximize profitability.


Jason Warner, Ph.D.
Ruminant Nutritionist

A native of southwest Nebraska, Dr. Jason Warner was raised on his family’s cow-calf and diversified dryland farming operation, and enjoys working with producers in all facets of the beef industry. Jason earned bachelor’s degrees in Animal Science and Grazing Livestock Systems, followed by a master’s in Animal Science from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He completed his Ph.D. in ruminant nutrition at UNL while researching alternative (intensified) cow-calf systems. While cow-calf nutrition and management has been Jason’s primary research focus, he has research and practical experience in reproductive management, heifer development, and growing/finishing nutrition and management as well. Jason’s objective is to serve GPLC clients of all sizes, and assist them by providing research information and practical knowledge to make economically sound decisions to improve their businesses.


Jon Snoke
Field Representative

Jon was raised on his family’s diversified livestock and cropping operation in Southeast Nebraska, where he developed a passion for the cow/calf sector of the beef industry. He followed his passion by earning his Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from the University of Nebraska. Through internships and job experience, Jon has formed working relationships with clients to help them meet the daily challenges of livestock production. At home, Jon enjoys managing his own Red Angus cowherd. Jon’s role at GPLC is to provide an additional layer of service to Dr. Ki Fanning’s clients in order to better meet the needs of the area.


Bill M. Chapman, M.S., PAS
Dairy Nutritionist

Bill grew up on a dairy farm in Nebraska. He graduated from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln with his Master of Science in Dairy Nutrition and Reproduction. In 2000, Bill was awarded the Professional Animal Science Certificate by the American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists. Bill has been working in the dairy industry as a nutrition and management consultant for the past 10 years. In 2004, Bill started an independent dairy consulting business; CMP Dairy Consulting, LLC. Bill consults with dairy producers throughout the Midwest. In 2006 CMP Dairy Consulting, LLC and Great Plains Livestock Consulting, Inc. joined forces to strengthen their knowledge base and improve customer service.


Brent Nelms
Operations Manager/ProfiTrac (Feedlot Monitoring)

Growing up around a ranch/feedlot operation in southwest Nebraska, Brent developed a strong interest in the beef industry. He is currently pursuing a Bachelors of Science Degree in Animal Science at the University of Nebraska. He is heading up the new ProfiTrac program, which was developed collaboratively by the staff in an effort to design a program to monitor feedlot cattle performance and closeout information. Contact Brent or your nutritionist to speak with them about monitoring your cattle.




Margie McFarland
Personnel Manager/Accounting

Margie grew up on a farm in Eastern Iowa, and then moved to a farming community in Southeast Missouri. Margie and her family settled in Nebraska twelve years ago, but her family still enjoys trips to the family farm in Southern Illinois. She received her B.S. degree in Business Administration from Southeast Missouri State University. Margie is currently working on her second B.S. degree in accounting through Peru State College. Margie enjoys working behind the scenes keeping everything running smooth and on time with clients and nutritionists.




Kayley Hazard
Nutritionist Assistant

Kayley grew up in a small town in Eastern Nebraska, not far from Great Plains Livestock Consulting headquarters. She graduated in January of 2011 with her Bachelors of Science Degree in Business from Bellevue University. Her desire to expand her knowledge and contribute to the livestock industry led Kayley to become part of the GPLC family in August of 2012. Kayley assists the clients and nutritionists with feed tag design and marketing materials.




Emily Nealeigh
Nutritionist Assistant

Emily was raised in Northeast Nebraska and developed a passion for the livestock industry at an early age. This was due in part to the times she spent visiting her grandparents’ farm and seeing how well they advocated for agriculture. Wanting to continue that legacy, she received her Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Animal Science from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Emily assists clients and nutritionists with feed tag design and marketing materials.




Torrey Dauel
Nutritionist Assistant

Torrey grew up on a dry land farm with a small feedlot in east-central Nebraska, where he is still active. He graduated from South Dakota State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in General Agriculture and a minor in Animal Science. Torrey has previous experience working as a field representative for a livestock nutrition company and has spent over 11years working for one of the major meat packers in quality assurance and food safety. Torrey works hard to assist our nutritionists and, most importantly, our valued clients.




Jeff Tuschen
Nutritionist Assistant

After receiving a B.S. degree in Ag Business from South Dakota State University in 1985, Jeff returned to his family farm in Eastern South Dakota where he farmed for thirty years. Taking care of livestock is a passion of Jeff’s and he was able to live out this dream by overseeing a 400 head cow/calf to finishing operation along with feeding 3,000 head of hogs on a daily basis. Jeff strives for better feed efficiency and daily gains with his own livestock, so making the transition from farming to Great Plains Livestock Consulting Inc. was an easy choice knowing he will continue to assist other producers to fulfill their dreams of raising healthy performing livestock.



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