Corn Silage Value Calculator

Bunker Sizing Calculator

Grain Yield (bushels/acre@15.5% mois.)
Dry Rolled Corn Price ($/bushel@15.5% mois.)
Drought Stress
Corn Stover (Ground and Delivered) $/ton
Silage Harvest Cost (Chop, Haul, Pack) $/ton as fed
Corn Silage Dry Matter (%)
Postharvest Corn Silage Shrink (%)
Projected Silage Yield (ton/acre As-Fed)
Preharvest Value (Standing in the field)
Preharvest Silage ($/acre)
Preharvest Silage ($/ton DM)
Preharvest Silage ($/ton As-Fed)
Postharvest Value (Feeding out of the bunker)
Postharvest Silage ($/ton DM)
Postharvest Silage ($/ton As-Fed)
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