May – August (2021)

May-August (2021) The Importance of Accurate Feed Dry Matters      Understand the impact accurate dry matters on wet feeds can have on the rations you are feeding. Mold and

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May – June (2016)

May – June (2016)   Summer Management Considerations for Maximizing Cowherd Performance (Jason Warner) Methods of protecting the cowherd during summer months including foot rot and anaplasmosis prevention as well

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March – April (2016)

March – April (2016)   Current Status of Parasite Resistance in US Cattle (Bliss, Moore, & Kvasnicka) Benefits of parasite-free animals. Ways to test for current parasite status in herd.

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November – December (2015)

November – December (2015)   Feeding and Managing the Cowherd in Confinement or Semi-Confinement Systems (Jason Warner) Feeding and managing the cowherds in confinement or semi-confinement is becoming increasingly more

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September – October (2015)

September – October (2015) Culling Cows that Aren’t Profitable (Zeb Prawl) It is important to sell a cow when she is no longer profitable to the ranch. Recommendations and points

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July – August (2015)

July – August (2015) Creep Feeding – When Does it Pay? (Dan Larson) Research data outlining the benefits and downfalls to feeding calves on a creep feeder. Economics should be

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