May – June (2015)

May – June (2015) Fly Control in Feedlots (Jeremy Martin) Types of flies controlled, effects of flies on feedlot performance, types of strategies to control fly populations, feed additives, and

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March – April (2015)

March – April (2015) Backgrounding Management Effects on Finishing Cattle Performance (Zeb Prawl) Effects of feeding management and implants of backgrounding cattle on feedlot performance and carcass quality. Strategies and

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January – February (2015)

January – February (2015) What To Do If Your Wet Co-Products Run Out – Plan B (Luke Miller) Strategies to plan for co-product being unavailable due to weather, plant shut-downs,

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November – December (2014)

November – December (2014) Winter Weather Effects on Nutrient Requirements of Cattle (Jeremy Martin) Temperature, wind, and moisture change lower critical temperature thus effecting energy requirements. Feedlot and grazing cattle

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March – April (2014)

March – April (2014) Nutrition and Management for the Bred Heifer (Luke Miller) Differences in feeding strategies for developing heifers and effects on reproduction. Energy balance and body condition score

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January – February (2014)

January – February (2014) Meeting Your Cow Condition Target Efficiently, Old Paradigm, New Shift (Dan Larson) Meeting protein and energy needs for your cows with feedstuffs, quality minerals and trace

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