May – August (2020)

May-August (2020) Navigating Protein Nutrition and By-Products for Beef Cattle Review of protein utilization in ruminants and how to handle rations without by-products.

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February – April (2020)

February-April (2020) Implants for Suckling Calves: Synovex C & Synovex ONE GRASS (Jana Gramkow & Jiehua Xiong) Review of the data looking at the use of a long acting implant,

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December – January (2019)

December- January (2019) Keep Your Boys in the Game: Offseason Herd Bull Nutrition and Management (Jason Warner) Recommendations on how to manage your bulls prior to the breeding season. Probiotics/Prebiotics

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September-October (2019)

September- October(2019) Balancing Protein in Rations (Jana Gramkow) Learn how to accurately balance protein in your rations. Syngenta Enogen Corn as Silage (Jana Gramkow and Matt Luebbe) Review of the

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May – August (2019)

May – August (2019)   Heat Stress (Ki Fanning and Jana Gramkow) Suggestions for mitigating heat stress during the summer months. Garlic and Insect Control (Luke Tewes) Review of recent

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February – April (2019)

February – April (2019)   Feedlot Profitability Tips from GPLC Consultants (Jana Gramkow) Suggestions for improving feedlot profitability. Feed Mixing 101 (Jana Gramkow) Considerations when mixing feed to ensure you

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