December – January (2018)

December – January (2018)   Getting the Most Out of Your Implant (Jana Gramkow) Suggestions for implant use and administration to provide the best return on investment (ROI). Grazing Corn

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September – November (2018)

September – November (2018)   The Value of Corn Silage (Jana Gramkow/Ki Fanning) Determining the value of corn silage. Review of studies evaluating feeding increasing amounts of corn silage. 2

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May – August (2018)

May – August (2018)   Digital Dermatitis (Jordan Burhoop) Tips for management, prevention, and treatment of digital dermatitis in beef and diary herds. Utilizing Balage (Robert Jones/Luke Miller) Management strategies

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February – April (2018)

February – April (2018)   The Hot Topic: Vitamin A (Jordan Burhoop/Karl Harborth) Reason behind recent increase in vitamin prices. Functions of vitamin A throughout the body. Recommended feeding levels

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November – January (2017)

November – January (2017)   Hybrid Corn and Cattle Production (Dan Larson) Description of Enogen corn and how it can help improve feed efficiency. Potential incentives to raise or purchase

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September – October (2017)

September – October (2017)   Management Considerations for Weaning and Receiving Calves (Jeremy Martin) Preparing to receive calves and management practices once they arrive. Overcoming the misnomer of “reading the

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